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Thread: Belize in Pics Series: San Ignacio & Santa Elena

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    mercury Guest

    Belize in Pics Series: San Ignacio & Santa Elena

    Tonight I feature the twin towns. Double the beauty. Double the charm. Double the warmth. Double the work

    I bring to you Cayo's capital municipality: San Ignacio/Santa Elena, Cayo


    [size=large]SAN IGNACIO & SANTA ELENA, CAYO[/size]

    Map showing San Ignacio and Santa Elena on opposite sides of the Macal River in northeastern Cayo.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]AERIALS OF SAN IGNACIO & SANTA ELENA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]AERIALS OF SANTA ELENA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]DOWNTOWN SANTA ELENA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SOCIAL SECURITY, SANTA ELENA[/size]

    [size=large]SANTA ELENA LIBRARY[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]WELCOME TO SAN IGNACIO[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]AERIALS OF SAN IGNACIO[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]DOWNTOWN SAN IGNACIO (1)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]DOWNTOWN SAN IGNACIO (2)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HAWKESWORTH BRIDGE[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]NEW WOODEN BRIDGE[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]MACAL RIVER[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]PARKS OF SAN IGNACIO[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]NORMAN BROASTER STADIUM[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SAN IGNACIO MARKET[/size]

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