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Thread: Belize in Pics Series: Consejo & Sarteneja

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    Mar 2003
    sarteneja looks beautiful!!! to visit on my next trip to belize.......looks like a place i can retire to!!....any info on land purchase ??
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    Another Belizean Guest
    AGAIN, thanks mercury. The more you post the better they get. Don't know much about Corozal at all, but mein................Those pics are awesome mein.

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    Originally posted by Merciless
    ...aaaaahhh...thanks for the Sarteneja pics Mercury....BTW, how come ah neva si u post 'belizisimo' lee thatch house?...

    eyy. at least da fu me thatch house.
    Sarten is da place mein.

    lotta americans and europeans di buy land deh. some ah deh facey enough fu even close off di airport because deh seh deh buy it from PUP.

    Bem, there's a subdivision being built on the waterside in Warrie Bight, which is just across the small bay from Sarteneja, a couple miles outside of the village. send me wah check and ah wah put wah lee deposit fi yu.

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