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03-04-2008, 09:41 AM
The Karl Heusner Memorial is at the center of one family’s profound tragedy tonight. John Haylock claims that the hospital’s negligence caused the death of his wife. But he doesn’t want someone to blame, he wants answers – and today he showed me why his questions are so compelling.

John Haylock, Sr., Widower
“And that is something painful, to know that my wife is in eternity. She is with God, she is not coming back in this life anymore. But these children, they live with that yes Mama is coming home sometime.”

Forty - two year old Josefa “Josephine” Cal Haylock did not live to see her baby son reach seven months. The mother of three children passed away on August twenty second, 2007 only one month after giving birth to her son James Micah. On July seventeenth, the cesarean was performed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Three days after delivery Haylock is discharged but only one day after being home she suddenly fell violently ill.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“When I came home I saw her, trembling and complaining that she had pain all over and she had hot fever and so I had to take her right back to the hospital.”

Haylock was readmitted, placed on intravenous medication and then returned home three days later but her condition got worse and had to stay in bed. Then on august fifteenth she is once again hospitalized.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“While she was going to the bathroom, a big chunk of blood clot, black blood clot, just dropped right out of her and she had been telling me that she had pain. They had, they put her on drips and they examined her. They took blood from her.”

Haylock says each time his wife was discharged, he would need to return to the hospital. He says it became a routine for them.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“Then the thing came right back again, trembling and pain. I had to take her right back and they did the same treatment and you find out that the following morning they released her again. It was effective but only for a time.”

Haylock says his wife was then given drips and following some test, he is told that she may have dengue but he says nothing could have prepared him for the news delivered to him by another doctor after he examined his wife at the KHMH.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“Examined her and said this patient doesn’t have any dengue, this patient is a recent C-section patient and he examined her and my wife complained of pain in different way and the problem that she had, was resulting from the C-section that she had.”

Haylock says he remembers a troubling conversation he had with his wife during one of her trips back to the KHMH.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“She was not fully awaken but she was coming to sufficiently that she overheard when the head doctor was scolding the other doctors and telling them that because of their negligence and carelessness, they broke the needle in the lady and they couldn’t find it and they sewed her up back like that. She had asked if it was her and they responded saying no it wasn’t her. I am a grown person, probably I could more cope with the situation but yet the lost is great. There aren’t words sufficient to describe it. L lost my wife and I feel for it.”

Since Josefa’s death, John Sr. has been gathering whatever information he can to try to understand what really happened to cause his wife of seventeen years to die but it has not been encouraging.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“The report that I got which I know it came only from God that I had got my hands on those things to confirm that yes, a needle was broken in my wife. The doctor had said that septic shock due to a foreign object in her abdomen, that is what he had said when my wife had died that same night. All the while I knew there was something. Everybody was aware of the problem but they did nothing or maybe they attended to the thing, they took too long.”

Haylock says it has been especially hard on the children who still expects mommy to come back home.

John Haylock, Sr.,
“Our family is being broken. I don’t even have the little baby with us here right now. Somebody else has to be paid to take care of the child and the other little babies are going to school and my responsibilities become two fold now. I have to take the part of being like a mother and like a father for my family and it is not something that is hard for me but you know, but I don’t have a choice – I have to do it. What I would really like that they would do something to somehow care for these children and our family. I lost my wife, the children are motherless, the little baby doesn’t even know his mom and he will never know his mom. He lost his mom and I know they can’t give me back my wife again, she can’t come back again, but they could do something.”

7NEWS contacted KHMH Public Relations Officer Gary Ayuso who told us that he is not aware of the case and that he has not received any complaints. He adds that they do treat any reported cases of negligence with urgency. Ayuso asked us to extend an invitation to John Haylock Senior to come by the KHMH to see him to discuss his case. Ayuso says they can only start an investigation after a formal complaint has been lodged.

John Haylock, Sr. claims that he did went as far as to speak to the hospital’s CEO but he got no assistance.

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How very sad......